Gull - HTML & Vuejs Admin Dashboard Template V2.5.0

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Gull ? Vue is a modern next-generation VueJS Admin Dashboard Template which is Feature Rich, Responsive and Easy To Customize. Gull-vue is Pure Vue JS Admin Dashboard Template. No Jquery Dependency. Gull-vue is built on top of VueCli, Vue,Vuex,sass And BootstrapVue Component. Its Comes With four Attractive Dashboard, five apps, 200+ Widgets, Lots of Charts, UI Components , Two Different Layouts, LIght version, and Dark Version. Gull is RTL Supported. It can be used for building all kind of Cross-platform Application and Web application backends like custom admin panel, admin dashboard, accounting software, project management, chat application, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, ERP or SAAS. Gull provides you with all the UI to input and visualize/output large and small datasets. Main Features:?Pure Vue Js: Gull Vue Uses Vue Cli,vue router,Vuex and BootstrapVue .No JQuery Full SASS support: Gull implements bootstrap 4 sass. Styles and custom schemes are written in sass. Prebuilt apps: Gull has pre made apps(Invoice Builder, Chat, Inbox,Contact). Customizable SASS color schemes: Customize or create your own color scheme by changing the sass color variable?s value or creating new color scheme file. Data Table: Data table displays a set of data in clean table format with front-end paging options. User can search and sort data. Form Layouts and elements: Horizontal & verticle form layouts with all necessary form inputs and elements. Firebase Authentication: Gull Use Firebase For Authentication by Default Charts: Gull uses echarts/ApexCharts for data visualization. All necessary and common echart options/configurations are written in different file.

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