WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite 4.0.7

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Wholesale Pro Suite has everything you need to sell your wholesale products efficiently.

Have a look at all these powerful features:

Multi-Tier Role-Based Pricing​

Gives you the ability to create multi-tier role-based pricing for for any use case you might have including wholesale, members, buyers clubs, etc. Create as many price roles as you need.

Quantity Discounts and Cart Discounts​

Offer quantity discounts across your entire line of products, or on specific product categories or specific products, or total cart quantity, and offer different quantity discounts to different wholesale buyers. You can also cart discounts based on cart contents totals.

Product & Price Visibility Control​

Optionally hide your wholesale products or variations from retail shoppers, and hide your retail products or variations from wholesale buyers. Or show them all products with the prices that correspond to who the shopper is.

Prices Per Product​

Optionally set your wholesale prices in individual products and variations.

Prices Per Category​

Optionally set your wholesale prices as percentage discounts when editing a product category.

Global Role Pricing​

Optionally set your wholesale prices as percentage discounts for any role you create.

Min and Max Order Totals​

Optionally enforce minimum and maximum order subtotals before the shopper is allowed to place their order.

Min and Max Quantities​

Optionally enforce a number of items that must be ordered, and/or enforce individual product minimums and product quantity increments.

Min and Max Messages​

Automatically show buyers messages on product pages, and the cart and checkout pages when their order doesn’t meet your minimum and maximum requirements.

Minimum Order Requirements​

Optionally enforce your minimum and maximum totals and quantities requirements based on how many orders the buyer has placed already.

Display Prices With or Without Tax​

Display prices with or without taxes included across your product pages, and cart and checkout pages.

Tax Exemption Control​

Selectively make any buyer taxable or tax exempt. All others are taxed according to your tax settings.

Allow Backorders​

Optionally allow any of your wholesale buyers to backorder out of stock items.

Shipping Control​

Selectively choose which shipping methods any of your wholesale buyers are allowed to use.

Payment Control​

Selectively choose which payment gateways any of your wholesale buyers are allowed to use.

Quick Order Forms​

Easily build simple one-page order forms to speed up the ordering processing for your customers.

Wholesale-only Coupons​

Optionally create coupons that are only valid for wholesale buyers.

Disable Coupons​

Disable coupons for wholesale buyers.

Show or Hide Content​

Use the included shortcodes to show or hide content for any users, including non-logged in users, logged in user, or any user logged in with your customer roles.

Hide All Prices​

If you want to, you can hide all product prices unless the user is logged in.

Display Regular Prices​

Optionally display your regular prices (in addition to wholesale prices) to your wholesale buyers.

Display Discounts Table​

Optionally display a table of discounts on single product pages to show your shows your volume discounts.

Invoice Payment Gateway​

Includes an Invoice Payment gateway that you can use to allow your wholesale buyers to checkout without paying anything at the time of checkout.

Thank You Page Messages​

Show custom messages to your wholesale buyers on your “Thank You for your order” page.

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