JReviews - WordPress directory and reviews plugin 4.2.5

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JReviews WordPress - Directory and reviews solution.

Everything you need to get started
There's so much functionality packed into the core that it's hard to pick the highlights.

Search engine optimized
We take care of the SEO implementation, and give you the tools needed to outshine the competition. Listings are also optimized for sharing in social platforms.

Multiple directories
Enjoy the flexibility you need to keep growing your site without resorting to an unmaintainable hodgepodge of 3rd party solutions.

User generated content
Fine-grained user permissions and moderation settings let you easily overcome the challenges of building a site that accepts user submissions.

Advanced search and filtering
From a simple keyword search with instant results, to faceted filtering that displays full page results without re-loads, JReviews has your back.

Unmatched reviews engine
User and editor reviews, multiple criteria ratings, bayesian ranking based on ratings and number of reviews, rating histograms, review discussions, reviewer ranks, owner replies, media uploads. Nothing else comes even close.

Multi-media uploads
Allows photos, videos, audio and file uploads. Easily integrate with existing videos from Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube. Supports local and cloud storage for media files.

Claims, inquiries, owner replies
Out-of-the box functionality that makes it easy to manage listing ownership and allows owners to be contaced through an inquiry form without making their email address public.

Featured, favorites, comparison, and relations
Lots of enhanced functionality for listings that can be optionally toggled on or off. Listing relations make it easy to connect different listings with each other and surface related content.

Modules, widgets and shortcodes
Dozens of ways to display content throughout the site and create customized search forms.

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